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Austin Law Firm Working With Nonprofits and Foundations

Giving back is one of the cornerstones of our business. As such, we brush shoulders with a lot of nonprofit organizations and foundations. We believe the individuals running these groups are some of the most dedicated and well-meaning people we know. However, being well intentioned doesn’t leave these organizations – or the people who lead, work and volunteer for them – autonomous from the law. All nonprofits are businesses and should be treated as such. One of the most common legal mistakes our social sector friends make is not doing their due diligence to properly form the organization and consider the laws that govern such groups. Not doing so leaves many nonprofits ripe for costly legal issues. Having a trusted attorney that is experienced in charitable law should be an essential part of any nonprofit organization’s operating budget.

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Helping You Help Others

Texas Law Firm Assisting Nonprofits

From picking a name that is legal to how your organization raises money to human resource issues within your group, there are compliance issues that must be considered under state and federal law. That’s often just the beginning. Nonprofits often must negotiate contracts with vendors and landlords; navigate donor and volunteer matters; and ensure it’s protected from any claims brought against it by the very clients they are intending to help.

The Fowler Law Firm PC has years of experience representing clients who encounter issues of this nature. Our attorneys can advise your organization on best practices to stave off disputes or defend it against claims or threats of claims brought against it.

We Help Nonprofits Grow

Fowler Law Firm helping nonprofits grow

The need for new or more space can be an exhilarating time for nonprofits. It typically means their impact is strong and there is demand in their community for them to grow. Funding the acquisition, renovation or building of a new facility will require a nonprofit to launch a Capital Campaign. This, in and of itself is a complex process that requires serious consideration by the leadership and board of directors of any nonprofit. Charitable organizations who are considering construction also need to be adept in the federal, state and local law governing construction and financing – these laws often apply in a similar way to both for profit and nonprofit organizations.

A new and larger space for a nonprofit should be an exciting thing, not a legal nightmare. A responsible attorney will ask thoughtful questions to learn the specifics on these and other matters when working with a nonprofit organization who is considering the legal implications of a capital campaign for acquiring, renovating or building a new space.