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The biggest mistake anyone can make in their lives is to not plan for unexpected circumstances. We believe one of the most important things you can do, at any age, is to ensure your wishes are carried out should something happen to you that would leave you incapacitated. The people you love the most are likely to be distraught and incapable of making hard decisions about your health and well-being in such circumstances. Planning ahead and communicating those plans to your loved ones can provide comfort during the worst of times.

Our experienced and compassionate attorneys will help you navigate the often complicated options and guide you towards decisions that ensure those you love are protected after you are gone.

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The Most Important Way To Show Love Is To Plan

Planning your estate wills and trusts

Everyone handles death in different ways. We often come in contact with families who are torn apart in anger and disagreement when a loved one has passed away without leaving clear instructions about their estate and legacy.

The following are some important steps you can take to ensure your wishes are honored if you become ill or incapacitated or when you have passed.

  1. Prepare a last will and testament.
  2. Designate a Power of Attorney.
  3. Prepare a living will and designate a Medical Power of Attorney.
  4. Organize your finances, life insurance, bills, debts and other important documents.
  5. Secure your digital life and pass your login and password information along to someone you trust.
  6. Set up a master file and ensure someone you trust knows where the file is kept.

Our attorneys can help you navigate these often complex documents and decisions.