An accomplished civil trial lawyer in the defense and prosecution of real estate-related disputes, as well as a board certified commercial real estate lawyer with significant experience in residential, commercial, water, governmental unit, and oil and gas rights disputes, equally capable with commercial and residential transactional real estate legal needs, John averages three to four hundred real estate transactions in any given year. He is beloved by those he counsels with and those he regularly teaches and trains. Treated with the greatest respect and/or trepidation by all those who face him in a court of law or on the other side of counsel table, John G. Lione is well known to many in every sector of the Texas real estate industry.

John attended Wheelus Air Force Base High School in Tripoli, Libya from 1963-1967, whose mascot was the fighting uaddans. He was unable to officially graduate high school, being evacuated from Tripoli by paratrooper plane when the Arab-Israeli War of 1967 broke out.

An Honors graduate from Georgetown University in Washington D.C. in 1971, and from University of Texas Law School in 1974, John joined the City of Houston City Attorney’s office in its real estate section in 1974 at a time of explosive growth for the Houston area. A few short years later, already well-schooled in every exotic form of real estate dispute which could arise in the largest city in the world in which there were no zoning laws, John was offered the newly created position of In House General Counsel to what was then a relatively small regional real estate company, known today as Coldwell Banker Real Estate. What Houston didn’t prepare John for, performing in house counsel duties for Coldwell Banker certainly did!

When an opportunity too good to say “No” to, presented itself in Austin, in 1983, John, his supportive wife, Wendy, and their two children moved to Austin, Texas. In 1984, John was certified in Commercial Real Estate Law by the Texas Board of Legal Specialization, a certification he has held for 34 years. In 1985, John began a private law practice which, in time, became Lione & Lee, P.C., a very successful practice in which John was able to concentrate entirely in the practice of real estate law in every area from complex commercial closings in State District Courts to landlord-tenant disputes in rural Justice of the Peace Courts, appearing on behalf of clients in every part of Texas. John’s life is a fascinating road-map of the growth and challenges of land acquisition and development in every part of Texas. John has been certified with the Texas Board of Legal Specialization in Commercial Real Estate Law since 1984.

Whether great or small, John welcomes and delights in even the smallest of these legal matters. It is this hallmark of his practice, his Spirit as good-humored, yet, when warranted by the circumstances, ferocious civil trial lawyer, that makes John beloved by all.

John G. Lione Jr. is The Fowler Law Firm PC as Section Chief -Real Estate Section. To assist and support him, Donna Kerley who has served as John’s devoted legal assistant continues a tradition of good humored ferocity presiding over all things real estate.

When John is not busy being good humored and/or ferocious in the practice of real estate law, he is devoted to his wife of 40 years, Wendy Ann Lione, his two children Ryan, a fellow Fowler Law Firm attorney, and Kacey, an escrow officer, and his adorable grandson, Lucas, who are truly the joys of his life.


J.D., University of Texas School of Law, 1974
Georgetown University, 1971

COVID-19 has changed how we conduct our business. Social distance is a new term and something we are not used to. Here are a few helpful pointers which we will discuss in greater detail next week at a series of webinars I will co-host:
1. For our wonderful friends who are real estate professionals, construction contractors or skilled trades, both residential and commercial, work has not stopped. People still need help with their real estate and construction needs. Real Estate and Construction are Essential Businesses as defined by Texas Governor Abbott’s Executive Order GA- 14 effective April 3, 2020.Texas notary publics may provide services by video conference following Texas Governor Abbott’s newly announced protocol effective April 3, 2020. Texas notary publics may provide services by video conference following Texas Governor Abbott's newly announced protocol effective April 8, 2020.

2. Builders are still building. Real estate agents are still showing homes listed for sale. Brokers in Central Texas are following different internal policies. Suggestion - if you are showing a home it is advisable to obtain written permission from the seller to authorize the showing in today's environment, especially if teh house is still occupied, and it is good advice to follow even if the house is vacant.

3. Court hearings for virtually all types of proceedings that are not truly an emergency, have been postponed. Texas Supreme Court extended to April 30, 2020 its prohibition on residential evictions and until May 17th, all writs of possession. Nevertheless, tenants rents and borrower’s mortgages remain owed with interest and penalty accruing. Landlords and lenders may continue to give notice and file pleadings. Tenants and borrowers should reach out and negotiate in writing some delay in payment that addresses what happens not just about the payment but interest and penalties. Don’t just accept someone’s word on the phone. At a minimum confirm by e mail what a landlord or lender told you that you could do. Landlords, lenders, the same applies. Don’t trust that your generous nature will cause a tenant or borrower to remember what you said. Follow up in writing, at a minimum by e mail that identifies who you talked to, how you talked to them and the date and time the communication occurred.

4. The COVID-19 addendum allows extensions, and possible termination under certain circumstances but only if signed by both parties.

5. Leases signed are still contractual obligations. No law allows the tenant to terminate a lease early because of COVID-19.

6. Signed contracts for the sale of real estate are still in effect and binding. Title companies are still conducting closings subject to social distancing.

The Fowler Law Firm is available seven days a week by phone or email to assist you in these uncertain times considering COVID-19. 512-441-1411.
Stay Safe. John Lione

John in front of the Historic Somervell County Courthouse

John at one of many regular speaking engagements with The Fowler Law Firm

John Lione, Jr., WWII Army Air Corp Flight Surgeon Dr. John Lione, Sr., Grandson Lucas Edward Monnet and Ryan Lione...that's four generations!