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The Fowler Law Firm PC has a tradition of providing strategy and counsel to meet the express needs of public, private and parochial schools, colleges and universities. The Fowler Law Firm PC has been ranked by US News and World Reports for Best Lawyers in the United States in Tier 1 Education; and managing shareholder, Laura Fowler has been listed as a Best Lawyer in the Education category each year since 2013.

Our attorneys are also certified to teach continuing education by the State Board of Educator Certification and other State Licensing bodies whose members are employed by public schools. We regularly provide invaluable, entertaining, practice in-service and other training on site at many Texas schools and colleges.

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We Represent Education

The education sector requires legal services in a wide array of areas that are similar to other businesses – however, must balance the interests of students, parents, teachers, trustees, and the communities in which they operate.

Several common areas of need for educational institutions include:

  1. Negotiation of purchase and sale of real estate, public works construction contracts, public risk management contracts, hardware and software contracts
  2. Assistance with bonds and other finance-related issues
  3. Counsel regarding all professional salaried and hourly wage employee contracts, including term contracts, at-will contracts, employee benefits, leave, health and disability issues as well as defense of grievances and accompanying suits
  4. Representation for a range of litigation matters – including personal injury claims, hazing and alcohol-related wrongful death claims, sexual assault claims, property damage claims, employment related claims and others
  5. Counsel on drafting employee policies and compliance with statutes such as the FMLA, FLSA and other state and federal requirements
  6. Representation in union matters – including collective bargaining, contract administration, grievance processing, labor arbitration and hearings
  7. Defense in civil and constitutional violations – including claims of alleged civil rights violations by campus safety and campus police departments and claims related to disciplinary actions against students by faculty and staff members
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