Dale Matthews Fowler Law Firm
Dale Matthews joins The Fowler Law Firm PC February 1, 2022 as its new Special Counsel. Dale's impressive experience and accomplishments include graduating from University of Texas Law School in 1972 and receiving his MBA from the University of Texas in 1989. He is licensed as an attorney in Texas, Delaware, Oregon and Virginia.

Over the course of many decades since his first admission to the bar, Dale has served as a JAG officer with the US Army in Europe and in the Pentagon, advised boards of directors, participated in the leadership and direction of businesses as a member of senior management teams, managed a law department for a publicly traded company and one for a large subsidiary of a multi-billion international corporation, and, as a private attorney, provided guidance and legal services to a broad range of business enterprises, large, medium and small. He has provided critical and effective guidance and support in a large variety of industries, worked with industry trade associations, and advised and assisted businesses in establishing and maintaining effective and lasting business relationships with their employees, customers, suppliers, owners, regulators and other stakeholders. He has designed, drafted and negotiated an extensive range of business agreements, including complex, multiple party agreements. He also has helped business owners and managers satisfactorily resolve costly and resource consuming disputes through mediation.

Dale's areas of active and ongoing daily work include:

  • mergers and acquisitions
  • software development, sales and implementation
  • intellectual property licensing
  • trademark registration
  • securities issues and SEC reporting
  • capitalization of businesses
  • stock plans
  • financial transactions
  • distribution relationships
  • commercial sales
  • government contracts
  • labor and employment matters
  • business organization and reorganization
  • motion picture rights and distribution
  • real estate transactions
  • commercial real estate development
  • competition law
  • regulatory compliance
  • environmental matters
  • corporate governance
  • duties of directors and officers
  • marketing campaigns
  • investor, public and government relations
  • trade associations
  • litigation
  • alternate dispute resolution
  • corporate law department management
  • non-profit organizations
  • corporate secretary functions
Mr. Matthews’ experience, in combination with his post graduate education in law and business, allows him to bring unique value to his clients. Throughout his career, Dale has given back, notably through his service as a board member of a variety of charitable organizations, including the Texas Renal Coalition, the Austin Dispute Resolution Center, and, currently, LULAC National Education Service Centers, San Antonio.