The United Kingdom's Department for International Trade in the United States and the British Consulate-General Houston brought some incredibly talented LGBTQ+ entrepreneurs and tech leaders from the UK to Austin last month. The goal was to educate them about doing business in Texas. Guests learned about the current business climate, banking, taxation, immigration, legal, intellectual property rights, public relations and marketing strategies, and supply chain initiatives. The visitors also met with diversity and inclusion champions including the Austin LGBT Chamber of Commerce.


Fowler Law Firm, PC managing shareholder Laura Fowler was invited to present at a session held at Capital Factory. Laura presented on ways it is easier to form and operate a business in Texas and why real estate ownership is more beneficial in the Lone Star State. She also provided examples of some expensive mistakes Texas business owners make that can easily be avoided. The group also visited Houston and San Francisco to evaluate the opportunities each city offers.


This kind of economic development is at the core of what the Austin LGBT Chamber of Commerce does in our business community. Chamber President Tina Cannon champions diversity in the workplace because inviting new voices and new experiences to the table is crucial to advancing us all as a civilization. Outside perspectives, particularly in the technology space, are important to keep Austin competitive in attracting companies who are constantly reimagining the world as it exists.


The Fowler Law Firm, PC appreciates the opportunity to speak in front of these kinds of distinguished groups as a partner with the Austin LGBT Chamber of Commerce.




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Laura Fowler is the Managing Shareholder of The Fowler Law Firm, PC. She is a regular speaker to real estate and business groups and an instructor licensed to teach continuing education courses required by the Texas Real Estate Commission.


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