The place was the historic Millett Opera House in Austin, Texas. The mood was set. There was business to do. Under a mural memorializing Plimlimmon, the world’s largest St. Bernard, and his dancing partner, the renowned J.K. Emmet, moves were made to instill the spirit of entrepreneurship and ownership within Texas college students.


What better way to do so than by creating an internship program? The parties involved, Fowler Family Foundation CEO Robert Hoofman, Howard College Trustee Raul Marquez, Howard College President Dr. Cheryl Sparks, and Howard College Chief of Staff Brenda Madore, discussed the importance of giving college students a chance to learn outside of the classroom.


 The collaboration means Howard College students in Big Spring, Texas, will get the opportunity to put their best foot forward by gaining knowledge and skills from esteemed industry professionals. Those involved believe it’s a step in the right direction to ensure students get the necessary tools for building successful careers.


Howard College and the Fowler family Foundation understand training the next generation of entrepreneurs and business owners benefits students and our great state. Still, what does a Richard Anderson mural of a dancing St. Bernard have to do with this collaboration? For more details go to: 




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