Fowler Family Foundation presents Giving Feels Great™, a new program of services designed exclusively for charitable leadership, provided by skilled professionals who have served the needs of secular and faith-based Texas nonprofit organizations of tremendous diversity for decades. The program is designed to educate leaders on best practices and avoid mistakes that can be costly, damaging, and leave them with the 501(c)3 blues - or worse - in legal trouble!


Giving Feels Great™ challenges leadership teams to know the answers to these questions:


What is the legal name of your nonprofit organization?


What is your charitable organization's federal tax I.D.?


What is your organization's charitable status?


Who is your nonprofit's registered agent?


What has the registered agent been told to do?


Have you applied for state sales tax and property tax exemptions?


Does the organization have insurance? If so, what kind?


Does the nonprofit have brands, domain names, logos, or other distinctive marks that need to be protected?


Do your officers and directors know they are fiduciaries and know their duties as such?


Knowing, or not knowing, the answers to these questions can have serious consequences on everything from funding to an organization's standing in the community. We can share true stories of what can happen to well-intentioned charitable leaders who do not follow the law. Your leadership will graduate from this training empowered to do things for themselves and their charity, knowing when they can and should perform the mission themselves or when it is appropriate to retain outside consultants. The answers can be different for every group.



If you or your organization are interested in receiving information about Giving Feels Great™, contact Laura Fowler at (512) 441-1411 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


If you are a generous giver or aspire to be, have you thought about forming a private foundation? Setting up a private family foundation in the spirit of generosity is one of the happiest things you can do, and is often a thrilling experience as well.


Our NO COST first consultation is a great way to get answers so you can find the joy in giving.


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Laura Fowler is the Managing Shareholder of The Fowler Law Firm, PC. She is a regular speaker to real estate and business groups and an instructor licensed to teach continuing education courses required by the Texas Real Estate Commission.


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