Administrative Law

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As citizens, we are all subjected to governmental regulations that are administered by local, state, and federal agencies. We may need something from a government agency such as a license, permit, approval, or payment. Sometimes the government agency insists that we come into compliance with the law via agency hearings that may result in fines, injunctions, and revocations. Regardless, if you have any legal issues with a governmental agency, then you need legal advice from an administrative law practitioner to help you navigate the procedural and substantive legal maze. In short, you deserve adequate notice and a fair opportunity to present your side of the matter whether informally through settlement talks or formally through litigation.


Legal Representation for Service-Related Professionals

Service related professionals regulatory compliance legal expertise in Texas

If you or your business involve services related to professionals who support the residential and commercial construction, then you may encounter licensure, permitting, registration, regulatory compliance, and enforcement issues. Businesses and professionals may include engineers, architects, electricians, plumbers, air condition and refrigeration, structural pest control, landscape lawn sprinkler installation, building code enforcement officers, life safety code inspectors, boiler safety, elevator/escalator safety, water well drillers and pump installers, petroleum storage tank contractors, underground storage tank contractors, water and wastewater systems, and waste disposal systems, utilities, and more. The Fowler Law Firm, PC offers Board Certified Administrative Law expertise and is experienced in representing and defending clients in local, state, and federal regulatory matter before their respective licensing boards, agencies, and commissions. You should seek legal advice or representation from an administrative law practitioner when facing issues with these entities.


Environmental Compliance Matters

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If you or your business are involved in matters related to environmental compliance and enforcement such as air quality regulations, water quality regulations, municipal solid waste regulations, industrial and hazardous waste regulations, and natural resource damages regulations, then you should request advice or representation from an administrative law practitioner.

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