Going Into Business with Family & Friends - Expensive Mistakes You Can Easily Avoid™ is an online presentation hosted by AustinUP to help older adults who are contemplating business ownership or who currently own or manage a business. The presenters will provide a frank discussion on common mistakes people make that can be very costly. Whether you are starting your first business, being invited into ownership, or looking to groom successors or investors - this free event provide valuable insight about how to avoid expensive pitfalls.


The FREE online class will take place on Thursday, April 8, 2021 at 2:00 p.m. CST. The following are eye opening scenarios inspired by real life situations that will be covered during the event:


DO NOT permit younger family members or friends be designated as a successor in your business or estate before you have observed them running your business or managing your investments.


DO NOT start up a business with family members or friends who have debt or spending issues, even if they assure you they have seen the error of their ways.


DO NOT transfer ownership or management of your business to family members or friends without considering what your estate plan does. The transfer of ownership of a Texas business can result in your wealth transferring to that person regardless of what your estate planning documents say including life insurance, IRA's, and 401(k)s.


DO NOT transfer ownership of a business to family members or friends simply because they have the professional or vocational licenses required by Texas law to operate a business until you are sure they are a trustworthy business partner.


Some of these scenarios may seem like common sense, but are complicated legal matters. The experienced, licensed attorneys at The Fowler Law Firm, PC can help ensure you are protected. They will also provide facts about the advantages of operating a business in Texas compared to other states.


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About your presenters:


Terry Belt has practiced law for 43 years and is a top producing attorney at The Fowler Law Firm, PC., where he specializes in business law and estate planning. Belt has earned two Texas Supreme Court victories and is board certified by the State Bar of Texas.


Laura Fowler is the Managing Shareholder of The Fowler Law Firm PC. She is a regular speaker to real estate and business groups and an instructor licensed to teach continuing education courses required by the Texas Real Estate Commission.


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